Why insufficient respect for Elders?

Our Elders are assets that help us to thrive in the greatest times of life. In some regions, the young generation didn’t pay respect to their elders that they deserve. I will be unfolding the possible causes behind this plus will showcase the impact on society.

The Younger generation thought that Parents' responsibility is to make them mature. But, They did not realize that they also have a responsibility to help their parents in their senior age.

They left their parents at old age homes or other houses to do things of their own mind. I’m totally against this approach.

Because Our elders help us to thrive from our childhood to this point. Maybe the generation gap between parents and children is the reason behind that. Might their fashion, living standard, or perspective be different, This doesn’t mean you’ll start disrespecting them.

What I would say, Old ones need to adopt the latest culture. So, They can be flexible with young ones.

This impacts our society in many negative ways. In life, there are certain decisions that should be taken wisely. Our superior are wiser plus more experienced than us. This is very crucial to listen and walk on their advice in a deep head. If we didn’t pay attention to them, They will be unable to help us with their experience of decades.

In India, There is a very popular saying that One senior is required in the family to make intelligent decisions.

To end this, it is our duty to respect the old people, The young generation never needs to forget that they’ll be aged too... Plus, The old ones also need to be flexible with their youth.



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