How I’m Planning to Double My Typing Speed

A Guide to Improving Your Typing Speed by Using All Your Fingers

Shehraj Singh


Photo by Ayrus Hill on Unsplash

With two fingers, I typed at an average of 60–65 wpm. After watching a few videos I realized that my typing speed will double up if I used all my fingers.

With all my fingers, I type at 40–45 wpm. Here is how I’m planning to double my typing speed by using all my fingers:

1. Switching from two-finger typing to 4-fingered typing.

This is the hardest part of using all your fingers, but it’s worth it because you’ll see a drastic increase in your typing speed.

To quickly get used to six-fingered typing, I’m going to use 10fastfingers, KeyBR, and typing club to practice my typing.

2. Practicing proper posture.

Typing with bad posture can slow your progress down, so I’m going to make sure that I keep my back straight and my arms relaxed when I’m typing.

3. Taking Typing Course

Last year, I took a course on SkillShare called “Triple Your Typing Speed — The Ultimate Guide to Keyboard Mastery” (affiliate link) by Ali Abdaal, his speed is about 140 wpm (as per the test taken during the course).

I’d be revisiting this course, the lessons from which helped me improve my typing speed significantly.

4. Practicing regularly

I know that improving my typing speed takes time and practice, so I’m going to make sure that I set aside 20–30 mins every day for practice.

Currently, I’m at 40–45 wpm, and by the end of the year, I want to be typing at 70–90 wpm. With these simple tips, I know that I will accomplish this goal! (I’ll also write on the new year sharing my result)

Overall, incorporating all my fingers into my typing routine has been a bit challenging but ultimately worth it as it’s helped