The Black Friday Mindset — Don’t Spend to Save

Friday mentality and purchase only what you need this season

Don’t rush this year, I saw a bunch of people purchasing tons of things during this time.

When I ask them a few months later, "How many of those are you currently using?"

Don’t be a rusher this time, and buy with reasons

I can tell there is FOMO going on this time. I deal with this all the time in Lifetime Deal communities where a specific piece of software is on sale for the lowest price this time of year.

At that time, it was more essential to control your emotions than anything else.

*Be logical*

There are more than two weeks until Black Friday. To help you out, what are the things you should buy this Black Friday?

Just start creating a list, Look at things that you need to purchase and keep on adding that in here and there

On the day of the sale, only purchase those items. Here are a few items I’m willing to purchase this year

That’s it! Nothing else

I know my list is short, but you can add things as per your choice. You can also create an expectation for 1 extra deal as well

You can decide on the day whatever It’ll be



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